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Tree Company Versailles, KY

If you are out looking for a reputable tree service company in the local area, the search is finally over! Economy Tree Service of Versailles offers safe, efficient, and affordable tree services throughout the city and beyond. We have been in the business of taking care of trees for more than a decade, and we continue to grow into a leading tree service provider in Versailles. 

Without a doubt, trees play a vital role in our everyday lives. Trees provide fresh air, cooling shade, and shelter for wildlife. It is safe to say that without trees, people and animals cannot exist. While trees give so much to us, they can also cause tremendous accidents and catastrophes when not tended well. For this reason, trees should be offered proper care from the time they’re planted until the time they mature, so they can thrive without causing you trouble. However, some situations call for the imminent removal of a tree. For instance, a tree damaged by the storm should be removed right away before things get awry.

Professionalism Is The Key

All it takes is a phone call. If you are looking to have a tree trimmed, removed, or treated, Economy Tree Service is the company to contact. We can get the job done right as soon as you give us the call. Rest assured that when you call us, you will talk to a real person. We will immediately get to the bottom of the issue so that we can offer the proper service for the advantage of your tree. 

Our team can tackle any type of tree care needs. We can even eliminate the sight of an ugly stump left by your previous tree removal. We have the equipment, the experience, and the efficiency in finishing a task, no matter how small or big it is. Just like the rest of our services, our stump removal offering is of high quality. We consider different factors when determining the cost of stump removal. We then offer an honest, onsite, free estimate for the service to be done. We will get rid of the stump in a fraction of the time without you spending too much on the service.

We do everything tree. We are passionate about trees, and we are committed to keeping them in perfect condition for as long as they can. Our priority is to keep every tree in the local area healthy. Keep in mind that tree work is no easy work. There have been reports of casualties and injuries related to cheap tree service all over the world. This is the reason why it should be done only by a professional with proper training and equipment. It is crucial to work with a company that has your best interest in mind, and that is what Economy Tree Service offers you. We are a first-rate tree company that can accommodate all your tree service needs. We comply with the high standards set by reputable authorities in the tree industry. 

When it comes to choosing a tree company to perform tree work on your property, you should make sure to look for quality. At Economy Tree Service, we make sure to give your tree everything it needs and more. We value your time; that is why we don’t beat around the bush and tell you precisely what you need to know about our work, leaving no grey area.

Our Expert Services

Tree Removal Versailles, KY

Picture of our tree climber going up a tree to do tree trimming for a customer in Lexington, Ky.

Economy Tree Service specializes in tree removal. We get a lot of requests to eliminate a tree, especially when it causes hazardous situations in the area. Regardless of the reason for the tree removal, we can assure you that we can deliver the task as safely as possible. We own the proper equipment, have the skills, and work with qualified individuals to get the job done right every time. 

Many homeowners choose to perform tree removal on their own because they want to save cash. What they don’t know is that they can save more if they hire the right people to finish the work on their behalf. Plus, they don’t have to put their lives on the line if they opt for a professional tree company. You have to remember that all tree company has pretty standard pricing, considering all the factors involved. There will be minimal differences depending on the unique situation of the tree. The company should first assess the tree in question before they offer a free estimate to ensure the credibility of the quote. If you get a free estimate from a company that did not inspect your tree, you probably need to find a new one because you might be getting a dishonest service quote. Every tree company considers variables before they come up with the final cost of the service. 

To give you an idea, here are some of the questions we look into in determining the price of the service. 

Are there any hindrances relative to the access of the tree?

What is the type of tree?

  • What is the tree’s diameter?
  • Is it tall, mid-sized, or small?
  • Is it on a decline or incline position?
  • Are there obstructions in the area that will make it difficult for us to tree felling?
  • Can we get our equipment near the tree?
  • Will we do the chopping, or will you do it on your own?
  • Are we reducing the size of the limbs and logs for firewood purposes?
  • Will we haul the tree away?

Tree Trimming Versailles, KY

Trees require proper care for them to grow and live longer. However, there are instances when they grow where they are not supposed to and cause a potential threat to your family and property. It is for this reason that professional tree companies exist. They can perform the right treatment for whatever situation your tree has. There are situations when tree removal is not the answer, but tree trimming. Economy Tree Service can perform professional trimming to restore the health of your tree and bring back its beauty. 

Similar to our licensed tree removal service, we consider different factors in calculating the cost of our local tree trimming service and tree cutting service. We take into account the accessibility of the tree, its height, and its type. We do our best to give the most affordable tree trimming service to all of our loyal customers. We stand by our belief that quality and affordability can come together, which is why we make every effort to offer both to our customers. We treat our customers with respect and think of their satisfaction all the time. This is what distinguishes us from the rest of our competitors.

If you need the best tree cutting company or local tree trimmers, Economy Tree Service of Versailles is here to assist you. Our experienced tree cutters and tree trimmers are ready to provide the professional tree trimmer service you need. Contact one of the top local tree trimming companies and tree cutting companies in Versailles today for all your tree cutter service needs.

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Commercial and Residential Tree Service

Tree care companies that serve both commercial and residential clients specialize in delivering expert solutions for tree maintenance. These services cover a variety of tree-related activities, such as tree pruning, trimming, stump removal, grinding, and health evaluations. Businesses benefit from commercial tree care providers that ensure the safety and visual appeal of their outdoor areas, serving a range of entities including corporations, municipalities, and institutions. 

Meanwhile, residential tree care firms offer customized options to homeowners who wish to improve the look and usability of their outdoor spaces. Skilled tree specialists and tree surgeons conduct these services, possessing the necessary expertise to handle trees of any type or size. By utilizing commercial and residential tree care services, customers can preserve the vitality and beauty of their trees while fostering safety and sustainability in their outdoor settings.

Emergency Tree Service

When disaster strikes, trust our emergency tree service to swiftly respond to your urgent storm clean up jobs needs. As one of the reliable storm clean up companies our team is available 24/7 to tackle fallen trees, storm damage, and hazardous situations. With years of experience and top-notch equipment, we ensure a safe and efficient tree clean up removal process, minimizing further risk to your property. From clearing blocked roads to securing your home, our skilled professionals deliver prompt and reliable tree clean up services assistance in times of crisis. Don’t let a fallen tree disrupt your peace of mind – contact us for immediate tree cleanup support. Your safety is our priority, and we are dedicated to restoring normalcy with our swift emergency tree service.

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Tree Service Versailles, KY

Trees give us incredible benefits more than we talk about. There is just no end to what trees can bring the human race and other living creatures to the face of the earth. Without trees, the air we breathe will be full of pollutants. We will not have a place to rest during summer days. Different wildlife will have no place of refuge if trees are non-existent. Simply put, we owe trees a lot, and we ought to give them the right care they deserve. This is where Economy Tree Service comes in. 

After dedicating numerous years to studying the biology of trees, we have acquired the expertise needed to provide essential care for their well-being. It is crucial to understand that tree maintenance is far from simple. It demands a combination of skills and experience to ensure their long-term prosperity. Engaging in do-it-yourself tree care can pose risks to both yourself and your property. When faced with the need to remove a hazardous tree, reach out to Economy Tree Service for swift assistance. Count on us to handle the task efficiently, leaving you with no worries. Simply provide us with your instructions, and we will manage everything else.

We can leave the tree behind for you to chop off or we can haul it away for your convenience. Make sure you tell our representative about your special requests before we commence the removal so that we can consider them carefully. Rest assured that our removal service, as well as the rest of our tree care offerings, is priced reasonably to meet your budget.

Call us next time you need a locally owned and operated service company that you can depend on! 

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    Picture of our tree climber trimming a large tree in Lexington, Ky for our customer.

    You may have a tree in your yard that is in dire need of removal or trimming, at the least. If you are still determining what your tree needs in particular, there is only one number to call. We will dispatch one of our experts from our Versailles tree service to your property and assess the condition of the tree in question. We will let you know whether your tree requires trimming or removal, and give it the proper attention it needs. 

    Some trees can grow to a height that is not ideal for residential areas. This can be a point of concern as the tree can pose a potential threat to your safety. The limbs and branches can break and fall at any time, causing injuries and damage to the surrounding area. Don’t wait for the situation to get out of hand. Call us right away, so we can offer the right solution to the problem. We can prevent your tree from becoming a liability with regular trimming and proper care. 

    In times of tree crises, particularly during storms, Economy Tree Service is here to provide prompt and effective storm clean up services to address your urgent tree-related issues. We strongly advise against attempting to handle the situation independently due to the significant risks involved. Upon arrival at your property, our first step will be to evaluate the storm’s impact on the surroundings and address any potential dangers. Only after ensuring the area is secure will we promptly commence the cleanup operation. In certain cases, heavy machinery may be required to tackle the emergency effectively. 

    Our expertise sets us apart from other tree service companies, ensuring that we handle each job with precision and care. You can trust us to respond promptly and effectively whenever you need emergency tree removal services, stump grinding services, and tree crane services. We prioritize safety by using personal protective equipment to ensure the well-being of both our workers and your property. Our wood chipping services will efficiently handle the debris, no matter how small or large the affected area is, allowing us to complete the job in a fraction of the time. Give us a call today to take advantage of our brush clearing service, and we will swiftly eliminate the tree along with any hazardous situations it presents. Trust in our expertise and the efficiency of our wood chipper service to address your tree removal needs promptly.

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