Tree Removal

Economy Tree Service of Lexington is your one-stop shop for all your tree care and tree removal needs in the local area. You don’t have to get yourself involved in the dangerous and taxing process of tree removal. Just give us a call, and we will get the job done. 

Why Choose Professional Tree Removal?

Most homeowners don’t realize that they spend more when they attempt to finish a tree removal job on their own. They also put their lives at stake, as well as their property. The money you save is not worth the trouble and your safety. 

Our Approach to Tree Removal

Economy Tree Service of Lexington has come a long way since day one of our establishment. Throughout the years, we made sure to use only the best practices and equipment for all our tree services, particularly with our tree removal. We thoughtfully devise a plan before we start felling the tree. We will not chop the entire tree at once but cut it in parts. We begin with the outside branches and limbs going our way inwards. We will continue with the process until we only have the trunk to work on. After we cut the majority of the tree, we will reduce the size of the trunk to a size that is ideal for stump grinding or removal. 

Can I DIY Tree Removal?

Can I DIY tree removal? Yes, you can, but we recommend you don’t. Tree removal is one of the jobs you don’t want to do if you have no experience or skills because of the risks it involves. First off, you have to look for a rental company for the equipment you need for the task. If you are considering buying the tools, you should be ready with a large sum of money. Finally, you should know the proper techniques to take a tree down safely. If not, you may end up in a hospital bed. Considering all these things, you should just leave the task to Economy Tree Service of Lexington and wait to be impressed with our high-quality work.

Post-Removal Cleanup and Stump Removal

Tree removal does not end with felling the tree. Once the tree is down, you still have to haul it away and clean up the mess the process has caused. If you are not up for the job, you should phone us right away, and we will complete the task in no time. 

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    Further, you also have to think about how to get rid of the sight of the stump once the tree is gone. If you allow Economy Tree Service of Lexington to perform cheap tree removal for you, we can also take care of the stump. We will use our state-of-the-art grinder to eliminate the sight of the stump. If you are thinking of leaving the stump in its place—think again. It can house pests and insects that can be dangerous to you and your property. The best way to handle the situation is to remove it before it gets you into trouble. 

    Commercial Tree Removal

    When it comes to the removal of trees on commercial properties, it is essential to engage professionals who possess the necessary skills and tools to carry out the task securely and effectively. Commercial tree removal entails the strategic planning and implementation of eliminating trees from commercial sites like office complexes, shopping malls, and industrial areas.

    Expert tree removal firms evaluate the dimensions, health status, and positioning of the trees to establish the most appropriate method for their removal. They make use of specialized machinery such as cranes, aerial lift trucks, and wood chippers to extract trees without causing harm to nearby structures or landscapes.

    By delegating commercial tree removal to competent professionals, property owners can ensure the protection of their premises, preserve the beauty of their surroundings, and conform to local regulations. Engaging a respected tree removal company guarantees a seamless and trouble-free process from inception to completion.

    Residential Tree Removal

    For homeowners seeking to uphold the safety and appearance of their property, residential tree removal is a crucial service. Trees that are sickly, deceased, or excessively large can jeopardize the structural stability of your residence, as well as the safety of your household and community. Employing a professional tree removal service guarantees a secure and efficient completion of the task, reducing the risk of property damage.

    Beyond the safety aspect, the removal of trees can also enhance the overall look of your residential landscape. Clearing out undesirable or unattractive trees can boost curb appeal and establish a more welcoming outdoor environment for your relaxation. Professional tree removal services possess the knowledge and equipment required to manage trees of various sizes and species, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process for homeowners.

    Professionalism and Safety

    While it is true that hiring a professional tree service company can cost you a few bucks, the quality and the safety it offers are undeniable. You will have plenty of options when it comes to tree companies but always look for one with a license and insurance to protect yourself from any obligations, in case of an accident. 

    Save yourself from the hassle and complications of DIY tree removal by calling Economy Tree Service of Lexington. You can never go wrong with our trustworthy and affordable tree removal service.

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