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Stump Removal Lexington, KY

Tree stumps may look harmless, but they can cause danger to you and your family. Some homeowners who opt out of stump removal realize its importance in the end. Stumps can be a breeding ground for hazardous insects, pests, and disease-causing pathogens. Stumps can also cause tripping accidents and even destroy your lawnmower. For this reason, if you have a chance to have the stump removed after the tree, you better do it. 

Another common reason for homeowners opting out of stump removal is again an issue of savings. This is the reason why they attempt to eliminate the eyesore on their own, only to be disappointed. Stump removal is an overwhelming task that involves using specialized equipment. While you can rent grinders in local rental shops, you should expect to pay up to $160, and that is not everything. You need to shoulder the fuel cost, mainly if you rent a gas grinder. Not to mention, these machines are not lightweight. This means you will need at least a couple of strong men to get it to the job site. Then there is the issue of experience. If you are not trained to operate a stump grinder, then you are up for a real challenge. You may end up hurting yourself or even damaging your property. 

Stump Grinding Lexington, KY

Eliminating a stump is not for the amateur. It requires skills and the proper equipment, or else it will take more than one day to finish it off. Economy Tree Service of Lexington is one of the best stump grinding companies and is more than capable of removing a stump of all sizes and shapes. We have the experience and established skills to get rid of a stump. We will meticulously finish the job and take care of the debris caused by the process. It typically takes us an hour to remove a stump of a standard size, but you can rest assured that no matter how large the stump is, we can work on it in no time. Our team is well-adjusted in grinding stumps with tough roots. We employ a specialized method to ensure that the entire stump, including the root system, is taken care of. 

Quality and Affordability

Economy Tree Service of Lexington is the company you are looking for if you want quality and affordability. We don’t compromise on one of these two because we believe that our customers deserve only the best from us. We continue to work on our skills to make sure we are on par with the rest of the tree companies in the region. Our knowledge about trees is always up-to-date to make sure we uphold the quality of our service. 

When you call us concerning your tree stump, we will see that it accommodates your needs right away. You can send us a photo of the stump you wish to remove for your convenience, but we prefer going to your property to check the stump with our own eyes. This way, we can come up with a credible estimate of the grinder stump removal service. We will consider factors such as accessibility, size, and type, and then offer you a firm quote. 

If you wish to learn more about our stump removal offering, feel free to give us a call, and we will gladly answer your inquiries.

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